Friday, March 28, 2014

Woman with liver cirrhosis is being denied access to life-saving treatment!

Brenda Peever, a 59-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, has liver cirrhosis and the medications that she needs, Simeprevir and Sofosvubir, cost $84,000, and are not yet covered by the government because they are new. These new drugs most likely will not be covered until 2015--Brenda Peever needs these new medications NOW! It's bad enough that she was given blood tainted with Hepatitis C which has now led to her liver cirrhosis--denying her vital treatment only adds insult to injury!
Canada is a vast country with many resources--how is it that we have people right here in this country who can't access essential medicines because they are priced as out of reach for most families?! Many countries around the world look to Canada as a country that holds high standards when it comes to health care--the government needs to be doing WAY MORE to ensure that all life-saving medications are made available to patients in need! If taxpayer money can be used to fund the lavish salaries of politicians and government workers, I'm sure that same taxpayer money can be used to cover the costs of life-saving drugs!

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