Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Child with cystic fibrosis deserves access to life-saving medication!

Carys Nurse, a 7-year-old from British Columbia, is struggling with a fatal disease called cystic fibrosis. This condition causes the lungs to fill up with mucous, causing the patient to constantly struggle with breathing. Kalydeco, a drug that has greatly improved the health of cystic fibrosis patients, is currently priced as out of reach for most families. 
When is the Canadian government going to step up and give patients and their families equal access to Kalydeco?! If there is a medication that can save someone's life, why are people in need being held back?! If this situation affected a politician's friend or family member, EVRYTHING POSSIBLE would be done to fast-track access to this life-saving drug! Stop the hold-up, and help Carys Nurse and her family! If Carys dies, it will be blood on the government's hands--this scenario should be avoided at all costs!

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