Friday, March 28, 2014

Woman with liver cirrhosis is being denied access to life-saving treatment!

Brenda Peever, a 59-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, has liver cirrhosis and the medications that she needs, Simeprevir and Sofosvubir, cost $84,000, and are not yet covered by the government because they are new. These new drugs most likely will not be covered until 2015--Brenda Peever needs these new medications NOW! It's bad enough that she was given blood tainted with Hepatitis C which has now led to her liver cirrhosis--denying her vital treatment only adds insult to injury!
Canada is a vast country with many resources--how is it that we have people right here in this country who can't access essential medicines because they are priced as out of reach for most families?! Many countries around the world look to Canada as a country that holds high standards when it comes to health care--the government needs to be doing WAY MORE to ensure that all life-saving medications are made available to patients in need! If taxpayer money can be used to fund the lavish salaries of politicians and government workers, I'm sure that same taxpayer money can be used to cover the costs of life-saving drugs!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Child with cystic fibrosis deserves access to life-saving medication!

Carys Nurse, a 7-year-old from British Columbia, is struggling with a fatal disease called cystic fibrosis. This condition causes the lungs to fill up with mucous, causing the patient to constantly struggle with breathing. Kalydeco, a drug that has greatly improved the health of cystic fibrosis patients, is currently priced as out of reach for most families. 
When is the Canadian government going to step up and give patients and their families equal access to Kalydeco?! If there is a medication that can save someone's life, why are people in need being held back?! If this situation affected a politician's friend or family member, EVRYTHING POSSIBLE would be done to fast-track access to this life-saving drug! Stop the hold-up, and help Carys Nurse and her family! If Carys dies, it will be blood on the government's hands--this scenario should be avoided at all costs!

Friday, March 14, 2014

York University STILL hasn't reversed its decision defending gender inequality!

York University's continued defence of the male student who initially refused to work with women because it was supposedly "against his religion" is absolutely ridiculous! The administration at York University is so caught up with being "culturally sensitive" that it is ignoring the fact that many cultural traditions are manipulated to keep women in their place! This type of thinking is making us move backward as a society instead of forward, and the administration at York University deserves to be punished for promoting this ignorance!
York University already has a notorious reputation for taking advantage of its students after going on strike so many times, and the campus in the Jane and Finch area has all kinds of safety issues! York University is choosing its own continued downward spiral by valuing a questionable cultural practice over gender equality! Let's continue to put pressure on York University to change its decision by signing and sharing this petition: 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Missing and murdered Aboriginal females need justice!

The death of Loretta Saunders, an Aboriginal woman, shows yet again that the Harper government needs to launch an inquiry for missing and murdered Aboriginal females! Over 800 Aboriginal females have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada, and their families are STILL waiting for justice! We cannot claim to be a country based on respecting human rights when we are failing Aboriginals so miserably right here in Canada! How many Aboriginal females need to go missing or be killed before the Harper government acts on this issue?!