Friday, February 21, 2014

York University is wrong for ignoring gender equality!

York University's administration must reverse its decision valuing "religious accommodation" over gender equality! The student involved in the case had an unreasonable request, claiming that meeting with women in public was against his religion! No religion forbids men from working with women in public--this is just an excuse being used by a male student to avoid working with women! The male student involved should have thought about the requirements of the course before signing up for it and asking for such a ridiculous "accommodation"! Sociology Professor Paul Grayson, the professor involved in this case, was right for denying this student's request! 
Professor Grayson should be commended for defending gender equality, not have his career be put at risk by possibly being punished by the York University administration! The people working for York University's administration should be ashamed of themselves--as an institution that supposedly represents "higher thinking", it is sickening that an irrational personal belief would be considered more important than protecting gender equality! This issue should not be up for debate--gender rights are non-negotiable!
To put pressure on York University's administration to reverse its decision valuing "religious accommodation" over gender equality, please sign the following petition: 

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