Friday, February 7, 2014

Bangladeshi garment workers continue to face harassment over forming trade unions

The latest revelations of Bangladeshi garment workers being harassed by their managers over forming trade unions show yet again that Bangladeshi garment workers continue to have their rights ignored! Reports of workers receiving death threats and getting beaten up show that factory owners will do anything, including engaging in criminal behaviour, to keep workers powerless! Workers who have tried to form trade unions have also had to deal with being forced to resign or losing their jobs! Female workers have also had to deal with sexual harassment!

Laws allowing Bangladeshi garment workers to form trade unions will not mean anything until employers face harsh punishments for threatening their workers! It is clear that Western retailers and  factory owners will not change working conditions unless they are forced to do so! To force Western retailers and factory owners to improve working conditions for Bangladeshi garment workers, please sign Arif Ullah's petition: 

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