Friday, December 27, 2013

Rob Ford bungles handling of ice storm emergency

Rob Ford, you have shown your incompetence again, by claiming that the ice storm that hit Southern Ontario, other parts of Eastern Canada, and parts of the U.S. last Sunday was NOT an emergency! What part of downed trees and damaged power lines does NOT constitute an emergency with you?! Many traffic lights are STILL out of power as a result of the ice storm--how is a city supposed to go on as usual with no working traffic lights?! People are living without heat and electricity in the dead of winter, and many have had to turn to warming centres just to survive! Yet none of this seems to register with you!
You, Rob Ford, say that you didn't want to call a state of emergency because you didn't want people to panic...well, guess what? PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN LIVING WITHOUT HEAT AND ELECTRICITY FOR ALMOST A WEEK ARE PANICKING ANYWAY! They have every reason to panic--they are hungry, cold, and desperate! Telling people to just be patient is NOT going to solve anything! These people need answers and real help! With people starving in the ongoing cold comes the risk of widespread illness--this is a real public health issue that needs to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY! If anyone gets sick or dies from not getting help during the ice storm, it will be MORE BLOOD on YOUR hands! Your bungling of the ice storm emergency shows yet again that you are not fit to be Mayor, and that you should be forced to resign!

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