Friday, December 13, 2013

Open letter calling for Rob Ford's resignation

To Rob Ford:
Your resignation is long overdue! Your false allegations that Toronto Star journalist Daniel Dale is a pedophile are beyond vile! You have humiliated Canada with your unprofessional and criminal behaviour many times, but this is a new low! You should have been forced to resign and sent to jail a long time ago, and your slander of Daniel Dale is further proof that you have NO credibility!
You claim that you are staying on as Mayor because you represent the citizens of Toronto--who exactly are you representing? Almost nobody wants to be associated with you! When people are organizing protests and holding signs calling for your resignation, what does that tell you? When there are various petitions going around calling for your resignation, including this one here, it should be clear to you that most people do NOT want you representing the City of Toronto!
Stop humiliating Canada, retract your accusations against Daniel Dale, and resign! You are a drunken, loud-mouthed fool who has NO class! You have NO business in municipal politics! Stop complaining about the media "invading your privacy", when you CHOOSE to bring negative attention to yourself through your own thoughtless actions! Anyone who continues to make excuses for you is just as guilty as you are for condoning criminal behaviour!
Karen Akhtar

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