Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford must be FORCED to resign!

It is absolutely outrageous that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be staying in power, after admitting to smoking crack cocaine! He must be FORCED to resign--his behaviour is completely unprofessional, and he's making Toronto look like a joke! I am also tired of the people who continue to defend his behaviour and act as if he's a victim--Rob Ford is an ADULT who CHOSE to do drugs while in public office! This is not "a little mistake"--Rob's Ford's criminal behaviour is having HUGE CONSEQUENCES on the city of Toronto! When someone is better known for doing drugs and getting drunk rather than creating good public policies, he or she is in no position to be holding public office! I don't buy his apology either--he's manipulated everyone for far too long, and has completely broken the public trust! STEP DOWN ROB FORD!!!
What is your reaction to this story?

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