Friday, November 29, 2013

Open letter calling for the citizenship application of Leila Heidari's mother, Khadijeh, to be processed immediately

To Minister Chris Alexander:

Several months ago, Leila Heidari launched a petition on, stating that her mother, Khadijeh, had submitted her citizenship application in 1994. At the time, Khadijeh was told by officials from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that they would make a decision regarding her national status by 2001. It is now 2013, and Khadijeh's citizenship application still has not been processed. Khadijeh now has severe dementia and is being denied the health care she desperately needs, because she is not recognized as a Canadian citizen. More information about her condition is available at the following link:

I would like to know why it is taking so long for Khadijeh's citizenship application to be processed. Almost 20 years have passed by, and no progress has been made regarding her application. Khadijeh is now 92 years old, and her health is failing. In addition to her severe dementia, Khadijeh also needs to be treated for injuries on her face, arms, and hands, after she lost her balance on June 4, 2013. Evidence of Khadijeh's injuries can be found through the following link:

It is impossible for Leila Heidari to get proper health care for her mother when Khadijeh is not even recognized as a Canadian citizen. Leila Heidari is a hard-working Canadian citizen who is not only trying to help her ailing mother, but is also struggling to raise her daughter, who has severe autism. Additional information about Leila Heidari's daughter with severe autism can be found on her petition and in a May 30, 2013 Facebook post. Please show compassion to Leila Heidari's family, and grant Khadijeh Canadian status immediately.

Karen Akhtar

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