Friday, January 24, 2014

Ongoing Syrian crisis leaves Syrian female refugees at risk for forced marriages, abuse

The failure of politicians to deal with the Syrian conflict effectively has now left Syrian female refugees vulnerable to forced marriages! By continuing to ignore what's happening in Syria, politicians in the West are also complicit in the Syrian crisis, by allowing Syrian female refugees to be exploited through their inaction! Syrian female youth are also at risk for forced marriages--this issue must be dealt with immediately! Authority figures and imams in Jordan also have a responsibility to protect Syrian females, and intervene immediately if they suspect any kind of exploitation! The government of Bashar al-Assad and other human rights abusers must be punished for their actions--an intervention that respects the rights of Syrians is long overdue! The longer Syrians are ignored, the stronger the distrust between Syrians and the West will become!
To help protect Syrian female refugees, please sign the following petition:

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