Monday, August 12, 2013

Lenient sentence, payout for chief who sexually assaulted girl is outrageous!

Why is Terrance McArthur, the chief who sexually assaulted a girl, being sentenced to only nine months in jail?! This lenient punishment is sending the message that if someone commits sexual assault, he or she can serve a little bit of jail time, then move on with his or her life as if nothing has happened--this is wrong on so many levels! Where is the justice for the sexual assault victim?! Apparently the band council didn't bother to think of her at all, as they are also giving McArthur a payout of over $47,000! Why is the band council paying McArthur after he has sexually assaulted a young girl?! This is DESPICABLE!!! I find it bitterly ironic that Aboriginals across Canada are pushing for a national inquiry for females from their own communities who have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada, yet this Aboriginal band council turns a blind eye to the issue of sexual assault within their own community--this is ABSOLUTELY VILE!!!
What is your reaction to this story?

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