Friday, June 21, 2013

Bangladeshi workers ignored with amended labour law

The amended labour law is a slap in the face to Bangladeshi workers who continue to be exploited! Preventing Bangladeshi workers from getting better working conditions and being able to unionize show that the Bangladeshi government is just as guilty as Western retailers of abusing Bangladeshi workers! The suggestion that the Bangladeshi government should decide whether Bangladeshi workers should get an already inadequate 5% of profits donated to them by the companies also makes it clear that the Bangladeshi government has no interest in protecting its own workers!
The industrial disasters of November 2012 at Tazreen and April 2013 at Rana Plaza made it obvious that Bangladeshi garment workers were being treated like disposable cogs in a machine, yet the Bangladeshi government callously chooses to ignore the plight of its own citizens! It is clear that citizens around the world still need to put pressure on the garment industry and the Bangladeshi government to stop worker exploitation in Bangladesh. On May 22, 2013, I posted an e-mail interview with Arif Ullah, a petition organizer  who is advocating for Bangladeshi workers' rights: In our e-mail interview, he elaborates on the issue of worker exploitation in Bangladesh, and provides in-depth information about the garment industry and the Bangladeshi government being complicit in abusing its workers. I have also provided a link to his petition in that blog post, and I will provide it again.
To help Bangladeshi garment workers get better working conditions, please sign Arif Ullah's petition:

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