Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Need to Take a Stand Against Julien Blanc


Julien Blanc is repulsive--that much should be obvious. Unfortunately, there are people who are still defending Blanc's right to freedom of expression, even if that includes encouraging men to grab women and put their heads to men's genitals (as seen in the video above). Blanc's defenders are so fixated on freedom of expression that they are failing to consider what is more important: the protection of women's safety versus Blanc's twisted views on how to treat women. Giving Blanc the right to say what he wants about women would validate his hate speech against women, and through his words, would influence other men to abuse women. Clearly, protecting women from harm should be considered a lot more important than giving a platform to someone who encourages sexually assaulting women. Blanc's freedom of expression is not just about words either--it is about actions as well.

Allowing Blanc to travel anywhere he pleases would present a real risk to the women of the country where he visits. He has already committed sexual assault by taking the heads of Japanese women and placing them on his genitals (again, as seen in the video above). If Blanc is openly condoning such behaviour, his words will ultimately influence the thoughts of his audience, which in turn, will affect their actions. Make no mistake about it--hate speech cannot be divorced from hateful actions. The chances of a man coming from Blanc's seminars wanting to respect women is highly unlikely. Blanc's influence on other men will only increase their hostility towards women, making it even more difficult for women to be respected.

It is not just women that are being hurt by Blanc's words and actions either--men are being hurt as well. Men are receiving the message that they must be sex-crazed and take advantage of women in order to be seen as attractive, and any man who does not meet this expectation is a "loser" or a "wimp". Women are also being hurt, as they are told to accept such irresponsible behaviour from men as normal. Blanc is making it that much harder for men and women to have healthy relationships with each other. Of course, Blanc is not the only person to blame for sexism in the world, but the hate that he preaches against women can only inflame tensions between males and females.

Ever since the controversy started making Blanc feel uneasy, he has claimed to take responsibility for his actions (as seen in the second video above). However, his apology is a sham, and he does little more than deflect criticism by claiming that things have been "taken out of context" by people who are rightfully angered by his outrageous behaviour. Nobody should fall for his antics, and everything possible should be done to stop the promotion of Blanc's "Real Social Dynamics" (RSD). Many concerned citizens are trying to prevent Blanc from entering their countries. Maria del Mar is trying to stop Blanc from coming to Canada--please sign and share her petition: Blanc's sexism is not wanted in Canada--or anywhere for that matter.

What do you think about Julien Blanc and RSD? Please share your thoughts below.